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Upgrade Passive System to Active

Passive Radon Mitigation System

A passive radon mitigation system is typically installed when a home is being built. A passive system only contains two elements: 

  • a vent pipe that extends from the sub-slab up to the eave line of the roof

  • a physical barrier between the soil and house foundation

A passive system relies on natural pressure differentials and air currents to eliminate radon from the home.

Often when a home is being built, the building company will install a passive system without ever testing the home for radon.

This can be a problem because passive radon systems do not bring extremely high levels of radon below the EPA recommended 4.0.

Many home buyers do not realize this when purchasing a home with a passive system. 

A passive radon system works well for homes with lower radon levels; it keeps the radon concentration levels from spiking throughout a given day. However, if the home has elevated levels of radon gas, a passive system is not the best option to reduce the levels. 

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